Spring is coming

Spring is coming

From the pastor…

Spring is coming..
the time has changed, we sprang ahead,
the daffodils and crocus are popping out of ground,
the grass is greening up,
the trees are budding,
and Easter is right around the corner.

For the last few weeks we have been experiencing Lent. Lent is a time where we seriously take a look as who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ, and work at changing those things about ourselves that separate us from God. We “fast” from something that separates us from God or we “add” something to our lives to help us think about Jesus. The main idea is to change what separates us from God. Lent is a time that calls us to remember, to take seriously the temptations that Jesus had in the wilderness, and to look at ourselves in the mirror and see ourselves seriously as God sees us. It is a somber time, it is a time of reading ourselves for Easter. I hope that you have been meditating and praying, almsgiving, and “fasting” or “adding” something to your life.

March 29 is Palm/Passion Sunday, which begins Holy Week. It is the week in the life of the church where we have a parade and shout “Hosannas” at the beginning of the week, to shouting “Crucify him” at the end of the week. On Maundy Thursday, April 2, we will worship together at 7:00 where we will remember Jesus’ last meal, his time of prayer and staying awake, and we will move also into Good Friday where we will shout “Crucify him”. .

Easter occurs on April 5. The Sunrise service will be a casual service, filled with Easter Alleluias at 8:00am with music and story. After the Sunrise service we will gather for breakfast put together by the Boards of Grace. The Easter service of Celebration is at 10:30am with communion and lots of “Alleluias”. We will have an Easter Egg hunt at 9:30. Breakfast will run from 8:45- till 9:45. So come at 8 for a casual service, then breakfast and fellowship, and stay for the Celebration of Easter with Communion at 10:30. It will be a fun filled morning!!!

I look forward to worshiping and being together.

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    Tillie Hale


    I want to commend you for ALL the wonderful activities I am seeing at Grace, even from afar. Sure wish we were there to celebrate with you and our Lancaster friends.

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