Pastor’s Column – Mar 2021

Pastor’s Column – Mar 2021

by Rev. Sarah Are

Reprinted with permission.

“Letter from Francestown, New Hampshire (USA) to North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, February 1856” by gbaku is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

God never begins letters with the words,
“I hope this finds you well,”
For those words imply distance.
Instead, God begins God’s letters to you with the words,
“Remember when?”

Beloved child,
Remember when we dipped our toes into the water?
Remember when we dove right in?
Remember when the ice cream dripped down our hands
And the cicadas sang their song,
And the seasons changed,
And the days were long?
Remember when we fell in love and the world was new?
Remember when our heart was broken?
Remember the tears?
Remember the long nights?
Remember when we laughed again and the sound surprised us?
Remember when we marched in the street?
Remember when we cast our vote?
Remember when we believed in hope?
Remember when?
I do.

That’s what God’s letters say.
So on this day, and every day to come,
Remember: God is meeting you.
If you look back, you might remember when.

Loving God, we remember. We remember that even in our darkest days you were with us and within us. We are still here! You are still with us! Again and again you have kept your promise. As we have again and again, we offer our most sincere praise. Thanks be to you O loving and gracious One. Amen.

Blessings on your journey,
Pastor Keith