Thank you thank you thank you

Thank you thank you thank you

From the pastor…
Thank you!
For all the wonderful expressions of love and compassion.
The cards, gifts, food, surprises, words of encouragement
WE are so appreciative and blessed
The Quellhorst/Lacefield family is so joy-filled to be a part
of the Grace United Church of Christ family
Thank you!!

This Epiphany season, as we gather to worship and praise God,
may we remember why we are here,
what God is calling us to do and be,
and share the compassion and love of Jesus Christ with all we see

Epiphany is the season of light.
We celebrate the Magi coming and praising God,
we celebrate the baptism of Jesus,
we know that the Light of Christ shines brightly in our lives and in our

We live differently because of this light of Christ.
We live our mission.
We share with our hearts..
We open our hands and give..
We love and care…
We belong to God
How great is that?

The core values of Grace UCC are:
Faith—Putting beliefs and ideas into action,
Love—loving one another, no matter who they are, through all the times of life,
Welcoming Community—putting meaning behind the actions of welcoming, opening our arms wide open and welcoming everyone, not just giving lip service
Leadership—is about leading by example, serving one another in love, and
Fun/Joy—having fun at church, laughing, playing wanting to be here, fellowship activities

So these are our Core values, what we as Grace UCC have decided are important to us. SO everything we do needs to ask the question, which Core Value does this fit and hopefully it is more than one. In order to grow in faith we need to know what we stand for, we need to live into the Light of Christ, what better time to begin than during Epiphany, the season of Light. So as we begin 2015, my challenge to us to ask the questions, live into our core values, work at a mission statement, be the church in all we are.
I am challenged and delighted by Grace UCC.