Pastor’s Column – July 2023

Pastor’s Column – July 2023

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So let’s strive for the things that bring peace and the things that build each other up.

Romans 14:19

Just imagine if everyone took these words seriously? Imagine if this was the bedrock of all our relationships? Imagine if this was the way our society created public policy or law? Imagine if religion took this seriously? I wish it did, but looking at the world, even Christianity in the United States, it is clear that we often don’t strive for peace or build each other up.

More times than not we don’t know exactly what is going on in the Church Paul is writing to, but it does not take a lot to read between the lines that perhaps some people in Rome were not trying to bring about peace or lift others up. In fact, whenever people live in community, including the Church, we can expect that there will be times when some will not build other’s up and to the contrary may begin tearing others down. Paul reminds them and us to strive for what God strives for and to be God’s people that build, uplift, and comfort.

This was the focus of Vacation Bible School this year. We called those that lived Romans 14:19 heroes.

  • Heroes are called to follow God’s ways!
  • Heroes are called to help others!
  • Heroes are called to listen to God!
  • Heroes are called to work together!
  • Heroes are called to show grace!

I saw many heroes at Vacation Bible School this year. I witnessed shouts of encouragement in sports, and competition done with respect. I heard compliments like “love your tie-die t-shirt design.” While my 1-year-old daughter could not participate in every activity, she was being played with, being held, or given a hug by a kid passing by. I listened to the answers to questions like how are we called to live in the world with “to be kind and to share.” We really are heroes when we live this way, not just at church but when we live God’s ways everywhere with everyone we come in contact with.

In a world that does not always strive for peace or build others up, we need heroes. We need disciples that take seriously the good news that God is love and that love is for each person. I’m happy to report that our congregation is filled with heroes of all ages and that is a blessing to behold.

Blessings for your journey,
Rev. Keith McDevitt

P.S. Special thank you to Christian Education and all the heroes that made Vacation Bible School a