From the Pastor…

From the Pastor…

“A symbol is something that represents an idea, a physical entity or a process but is distinct from it. The purpose of a symbol is to communicate meaning. Personal names are symbols representing individuals.” ( Wikipedia) We have been talking about symbols in our Lenten time, the children and young people have created some symbols, and the adults have talked about how we talk our faith and that includes symbols.

We have many symbols that represent our lives, our faith, our love. Symbols are important and help us to understand and share our love, our faith, our life.

My name when said differently symbolizes many different parts of who I am. Pastor Mindy, when used, reminds us of the respect of being the pastor. Mindy is common, people know me, and like me. Melinda is used when people don’t know me or don’t know me every well. Min is a very common one, and used by only a few people who really know me and love me. Rev. Quellhorst, from the time of laying on of hands at my ordination, is formal, and used when things need to be very formal, or to show the respect of my ordination. Mom, used only by a few, and is a different symbol.

A ring symbolizes, the encircling love of one another and of God. A heart symbolizes love. A flower symbolizes new life. A butterfly reminds us of the resurrection. A rainbow tells us of God’s promise to never flood the earth again, God’s encompassing love. A Cross stands for the crucifixion and moves us to the resurrection. Colors are also symbols. Lent is purple, a color of repentance. White is new life

There are symbols around our sanctuary, and they are very meaningful. Have you looked at them? A heart pin? The purple hanging on the cross? The 7 candles of the Lenten wreath that have been extinguishing every week? The cardboard box on the alter with “alleluia” hidden in it? The cross? The light? As we move into Easter on April 16, there will be more symbols that fill our lives. Will you join me in thinking about symbols and new life?

Symbols are very important to me. They share my faith, they remind me of God’s steadfast and all-encompassing love.

Symbols help us to remember, to remind us of things, to help us. What symbols are in your life? What symbol do you see? Will you join me in sharing our symbols of faith with others?

Sharing symbols of faith, Pastor Mindy