Pastor’s Piece/Peace – Aug 2014

Pastor’s Piece/Peace – Aug 2014

Thanks to so many of you that have commented to me that I will be missed as your pastor, of Grace Church. Departing on August 24 as my last Sunday with you, I will miss you. For many of you, I have had the privilege to be present with your family doing a time of joy or a special time of need such as a surgery or the loss of a loved one. I continue to pray that the love of Jesus is touching the hearts of those in need.

Many of you have thanked me for my preaching. I declare, you are most welcome. You have been open as a congregation to the possibilities of needed change for the ministry of Jesus in this fast changing world. You have treated me well as your interim with your flexibility regarding my schedule of activities away from Grace Church.

If we were to retire in Lancaster, yes, both Rebecca and I would enjoy becoming members of Grace. Our current plan is to retire on our farm outside of Woodsfield, Ohio. It is a farm from Rebecca’s family heritage. As our time at Grace raps up, I plan to show you photos of the farm. The Business Affairs Board has volunteered to organize Saturday, August 16 as the day to remove and load a rental truck of my things.

Meanwhile, Grace, you have called your new pastor, the Rev. Mindy Quellhorst. She and I have begun communicating so I can assist her as she plans to move into the parsonage and take over the pastor’s office within the church. Various church boards are planning and preparing for her arrival. It will be a busy and exciting time.

The one thing I will always note about you as a church; “Grace is Amazing.”

In the Love of Christ,

Pastor Dennis