Ecumenical Carbon Fast

Ecumenical Carbon Fast

This evening at the Ash Wednesday Service, Pastor Dennis invited us as members of Grace UCC to participate in the Ecumenical Carbon Fast as a Lenten discipline.  The Ecumenical Carbon Fast was started by the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ in 2011 and has been joined by many thousands of Christians around the world.  A few words borrowed from their web page:

Ash Wednesday (February 13, 2013) invites us into the season of Lent – a time within the church year to acknowledge that we are mortal, limited. Lent awakens us to hope in God whose “steadfast love endures forever” and to struggle against everything that leads us away from the love of God and neighbor. The Lenten disciplines of repentance, fasting, prayer, study and works of love are guides for returning to the steadfast love of God. During Lent we confess our mortality, our limits and our vulnerability so that we might be transformed and become the new life God calls us to be.

We invite you to join us as we commit to fasting from carbon during Lent.


We don’t expect everyone to be able to do everything suggested; but serious consideration of each day’s activity can raise people’s awareness, inviting them to think more carefully about how their day to day living impacts the environment and make the changes they can. In addition to the activity for the day you will find information about the carbon impact of the activity, along with links to more information related to that activity. While we consider all of the activities a form of spiritual practice, a concrete way of participating in the stewardship of God’s creation, some of the activities are overtly spiritual in the more usual sense that people understand the word: meditation, prayer, self-reflection. The intention is to provide do-able actions which can make a difference; not to overwhelm people, or make them feel bad about themselves, or cause them to feel that the situation is hopeless.  We want people to feel better for doing this as well as challenging themselves to do more.

God is calling us to be the change we long to see. Let us engage this spiritual discipline, grateful for all God has entrusted to us, and trusting that with God all things are possible.

We will be posting a link to the daily message on our Facebook page.