From the pastor….

From the pastor….


Love, Welcoming Community, Leadership, Fun/Joy, Faith

As we move into the July, can you believe it, July, …we are called to live together in “Hesed” Loving kindness, steadfast love… When asked in worship a few weeks ago to share where you saw hesed, here is how you replied..
Helping with things, being happy, singing praises, in a spouse or partner, church family, children, Pastor Mindy, things we do in the community, fellowship, Bible school, search committee, at work, family.
What a great list that is… Living in Hesed, loving kindness helps us to live as we have been called to live through the Spirit of God.

We are spirit-filled people. We are filled by the Spirit of God that calls us from restlessness and placidness. We are filled by the Spirit of God that is gentle and calls us to be God’s people in this world.

A few weeks ago, on Pentecost, the Birthday of the Church, we danced and moved with the Spirit flowing through us.. It was such fun… Then we were reminded of the seeds of hesed that are planted and to have faith that they will grow.

We have been called by the Spirit to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, to live justly and without prejudice, to be good stewards of what God has given to us. Because we are called to do and be God’s, we need to feed our spiritual selves. Worship together, pray, study the scriptures, spend time in quietness, meditate, eat together, be what God has named and claimed us to be through our baptism.

The Spirit of God is always moving through us. We can feel God’s breath in the wind. We can see God’s love, in how we treat others, in the graciousness we show towards each other. We can smell God’s wonder in the flowers and trees, in the grass that needs to be cut. We can hear God’s Spirit in the children that run and play, in the whispers of voices long used, in the prayers of all. We can taste God’s love in the sharing of meals, in communion, God’s grace shared with us.

God’s spirit is always with us. We are never alone. We are in relationship. We are family.
With God’s arms wrapped around us.

Because whoever we are and wherever we go on life’s journey, we are welcome. What better time than now to invite a friend, a relative, a neighbor to join our family to remember that God is still speaking, that ALL are welcome and part of our community of loving kindness.

I want to thank you for your commitment and continued commitment to Grace UCC’s
ministry God is good and gracious and generous, and it shows through your love.
Thank you for being God’s people in this world.

God’s spirit is moving through us…
Feel it..
Share it…
Live it…

Sharing Hesed together, Pastor Mindy